• $89.00 $72.35
    Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Model X3203, Beige by Armarkat

    Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Model X3203, Beige

    Armarkat Premium Cat Tree Model X3203, Beige is an marvelous kitty tower that will promote your cat's normal instincts to scratch, paw, climb, sit and rest. Whether you have got 1 feline friend or several adorable ones, this particular fun fe...

  • $80.74 $32.66
    Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House, 18W x 17.5L x 28H Inches, Leopard fr...

    Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House, 18W x 17.5L x 28H Inches, Leopard

    Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo House, 18W x 17.5L x 28H Inches, Leopard is an fantastic kitty tower which will encourage your cat's healthy instincts to scratch, paw, climb, perch and nap. Whether you have got 1 cat or a fe...

  • $99.99 $39.45
    Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color from Go Pet Club Llc

    Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color

    Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color is going to provide endless opportunities for kitties to play, hide, scratch or just nap. Cats can sharpen their paws anywhere instead of on your furniture or rugs, offering them a beneficial outlet for all their clawing....

  • $129.00 $41.14
    Go Pet Club Small Cat Tree Furniture Beige from Go Pet Club Llc

    Go Pet Club Small Cat Tree Furniture Beige

    Go Pet Club Small Cat Tree Furniture Beige will certainly provide countless ways for cats to play, perch, claw or just rest. Felines can sharpen their nails anywhere instead of on your home furnishings or carpet, offering your cats a beneficial...

  • $119.99 $85.45
    Armarkat A6501 65" Classic Cat Tree in Beige
  • $299.00 $114.95
    Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree Beige Color by Go Pet Club Llc

    Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree Beige Color

    Go Pet Club Huge Cat Tree Beige Color will certainly provide countless opportunities for kittens and cats to frolic, hide, claw or just rest. Cats can scratch with their paws anywhere instead of on your home furnishings or carpets and rugs, giving y...

Special Offers

Buy Cheap Cat Trees Towers and Condos

Are you looking to buy a cheap Cat Tower or Cat Condo for your treasured pet. Is your little one tearing up your furniture with his claws or is he or she just appear to be a little bored? If so, buying a cat condo or tower might be for you and we will help you find the best one.  Do you have several cats? If you do you will be amazed how they interact with the tower together. And they love the top of the tower to perch upon because it gives them a nice view of their whole world.

What is a Cat Tree Cat Tower or Cat Condo?

A cat tower, a cat tree or a  cat condo are essentially the same item. They are about 5 to six feet high, have a sturdy base into which a post fits, and horizontal platforms run from the bottom to the top of the post. The better ones also have little shelters in several areas where your cat can play or hide. They are covered with sisal or carpeting so that your cat can scratch anywhere without doing damage.

A Cat Tower

A Cat Tower or Cat Condo will help Save your furniture!

Why is your cat scratching your furniture and rugs?

Cats need to scratch to keep their claws in good shape, they also like to mark their territory with the scent glands in their paws and scratching also helps them to stretch their muscles. This behavior is natural and shouldn't be punished! Cat condos or towers are totally covered in carpet or sisal rope and these are the ideal surface for cats to scratch.  It may take a bit to get your cat to move his scratching habit from the furniture to the cat tower but it can be done without too much effort especially if you are his or hers favorite person.  Just place a peice of your clothing on the new cat tower or condo. This will make the new toy smell familiar. In several days your cat should be comfortable enough to use the cat tower or condo as a scratching post. You could also sprinkle a little catnip on it to make the transition even easier. If that doesn't work, use your own nails to scratch at the post while your cat is watching. It may sound silly, but it works. When you catch your pet scratching the carpet or furniture, don't display anger, just place her near the tower. Then gently rub her front paws on the post. This will transfer her scent to the tower, which will signal her that the tower is another scratching area. You should not try to force your cat,the point is to show her.  When you observe her using the post, give her lots of verbal praise and attention. Speak in a tone of voice that you would use to praise a child, your cat will understand. Punishment or yelling rarely works in changing the behavior of your pet. They will just be sneakier about their behaviour and do the same things when your aren't looking. Kitties love to scratch it just makes them happy.  Declawing our cats is totally not an option even for a house cat because if the cat should venture outside he or she will be totally defenseless.

Once your cat is using the new cat codo or tower for scratching and is comfortable doing so, it is time to stop him or her from ruining your furniture or rugs.   The first step is  to spray a cat repellant on the areas you want to protect, you can buy it anywhere pet supplies are sold.  Another method is to get a squirt bottle and fill it with water. When the cat gets close to the furniture, spray the cat until it runs. If you catch your cat scratching in a forbidden area, just grab a paw and rub it over the spot that the cat was scratching. Then let loose the paw and spray your cat with the water. This really works.

Most cats are smart, it is very difficult to train them out of something they enjoy doing. The best you can do is to re-direct whatever they want to do, to a place you want them to do it. Displaying anger or yelling will just teach them to do it when you aren't looking. Smart little angels!

Cat Tower's and Cat Condo's are great Toys!

Cat Towers and Condo's are really fun for your treasured cat and even more fun if you have several cats. They can scratch it, perch on it and even take a nap inside the carpeted condo. My cats loved the highest perch where they would stay for hours watching everthing going on around the house. I have several cats and it was really neat watching two of my cats playing on it. One would get to the highest perch and another would be on the perch below. They also interacted with one inside the condo and the other trying to get the one inside out. Just a lot of fun for the cats and us.  These really encourage healthy scratching and clawing, and best of all, no damage to your furniture.

Buying a Cat Condo or Cat Tower Online

We feature the best Cat Condos and Towers for sale anywhere. Why spend your time running from store to store to find that special pet product when you can do all your research right here from the comfort of your own home. You don't have to wait at the store to get your item, don't have to drag it out to the car and then home. When you buy online your cat condo or tower is delivered right to your door. There is no better way to shop for one.

So browse our online store and I am sure you will find the cat condo or tower you are searching for. We feature only the most popular and best selling items. We protect your privacy and do not share your information anywhere. CatTowersCondos.com is maintained by a family of pet lovers who want you to find and purchase the best cat condos and towers for your wonderful cat. Enjoy our site, your cat will benefit!


Cute Kittens on a Cat Tower